We are always working to make things better for you!  NOW with our ticketing update you can transfer tickets to someone else if you cannot make an event, Get a FULL REFUND for qualifying items with PURCHASE PROTECTION, and MAKE MONEY by joining the AMBASSADOR PROGRAM just by spreading the word, and soon you'll be able to make CHANGES to your ticket too!  See below for all the info on how things are even BETTER!!

  • MAKE MONEY EVERY TIME someone buys a BOYS OF SUMMER TICKET from you!

  • You'll also be giving them a 15% DISCOUNT!!

  • It's easy! Once you buy tickets, on your confirmation page or email, select that you want to be a BOS AMBASSADOR! You'll get a code and link.  Just put it everywhere and tell your friends... you get credit for ANYONE using your link!!

  • Payments come as a credit to the card used for your order AUTOMATICALLY! Parents bought your ticket?? They will be SO HAPPY to get money back! You'll make their day!!

  • For details just TAP OR CLICK HERE!


Payments to ambassadors will be the total dollar amount spent on original order maximum, 


  • We know that life happens.  Now, you have purchase security when buying your tickets in case something comes up, and you can not make it.

  • We now offer TICKET TRANSFERS.  In the event you can not make a show, you can TRANSFER your ticket to a friend, or anyone else you know.

  • When you do this, they will be "purchasing" your ticket.  And although there is a strict NO REFUND policy, in this case with a transfer, you will be automatically refunded your ticket purchase price once the person you transfer to accepts your order.

  • You can transfer one or more tickets... or your entire order.

  • If you need help with this, our live chat agents or customer support team can also do the transfer for you.  TAP or CLICK HERE to talk to LIVE TICKETING CHAT HELP.


​Giuft cards mnaker the perfect gift 



  • For a small fee you can protect your purchase.  In the event of a qualifying event, you will get a 100% full refund on your order.

  • This is ONLY available when you make your purchase, and can not be added on to existing order.

  • For terms and conditions please visit https://www.purchaseprotection.com/terms/

  • Purchase Protection is offered through Webconnex, our ticketing partner, and is not a service of KLiK Events or Living The Dream LLC

  • Just choose to add Purchase Protection when you buy your tickers to add this important protection. And BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.



  • Now it is EASY to find your tickets, reprint or text them to yourself, transfer them to someone else, or keep track of your Ambassador money coming in!

  • We now have an ACCOUNT MANAGER to handle all your BOYS OF SUMMER and KLiK Events ticketing needs.

  • Just sign in to http://bos20.rocks/account and you'll be able to manage your ticketing account, reprint your tickets, see how much ambassador money you have made and so much more!

  • ALSO - APPLE WALLET is now available when you buy tickets from your confirmation page or confirmation email!  Add your tickets to your Apple Wallet on iPhone and you'll ALWAYS have your ticket with you! We can scan it at the show right from your wallet!



- COMING LATE 2020 -

  • Later this year, you'll be able to make your OWN ticketing changes without help or assistance from ANYONE!! Some of the things you'll be abe to do include:

    • Change your Small Talk

    • Add a Small talk or other feature

    • Add merch

    • Upgrade your ticket

    • Add backstage passes

  • Right now, we are happy to help with any of these things through LIVE CHAT HERE or  you can email support@klikevents.net.

  • Self Service Ticket changes are expected to be available by mid-late 2020


© 2020 by KLiK Events, a LIVING THE DREAM LLC. Email us here

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