Not everything was "perfect" at Winter Lights 2013

Well, we listened to you and will make our upcoming shows better!

While our past CINCO! and WINTER LIGHTS events brought a lot of good times for many, we realize from your feedback that not everything was "perfect."  While there is no guarantee everything can always be perfect at a live event, we do listen to what you say, and try to make things better at every upcoming event.  Based on your feedback, we have made the following improvements:

  • You don't want a show that goes WAY over the scheduled end time.   At Winter Lights, due to sound issues and some other items, this was the case.  At Cinco -2 at Avalon, we guarantee the show will end on time, and the venue will be vacated by 6 PM, on schedule.  We apologize for the show time overage at Winter Lights, and have made certain changes to assure that type of issue is less likely to happen again at future events.


  • You want performers who respect you as fans.  While we can not be responsible for every performers performance, we will be making sure in the future that performers know the show is to be fun and friendly.  Many of our performers are new to the entertainment world, and are learning.  Shows that will not be family friendly will be indicated on ticket sites and our website.  Cinco -2 is a family friendly show!  Rock Star Wars is suggested for those 13 and over, as obscene language may occur.


  • You want CHEAPER TICKET PRICES!  We have listened and the prices at Cinco -2 and Rock Star Wars are much cheaper than at Winter Lights!  We want as many people to enjoy our shows as possible.


  • You enjoyed the Meet N Greet at Winter Lights.  So for CInco -2s Meet N greet, we will again make it organized, and let you stop by every performer and VIP guest who is there withotu being pushed around.  And if you want to buy some of their great merch, it will be located nearby.


  • You told us that you were tired of the SAME PERFORMERS at EVERY show!  Some you like to see, and others you don't.  Everyone loves a change!  That's why at Cinco -2, once again we are bringing in artists and Vine stars from around LA and across the WORLD (yes, world).... that rarely... or never...  have done shows in LA.


  • You told us you want organization and you want to know what is going on! Well, we have listened and will soon introduce our KLiK App for iOS, Android and Amazon (as well as HTML 5 for everyone else) .  With our app, you will get exact artist performance times (the day of the events), a place to show everyone the pics you took, Info about the artists and performers, a place to buy tickets, event info, and other useful tools.  Plus, we will send you real time notifications about schedule changes, special sales, and more.  Our app is scheduled to be available in April 2014.  Thanks to all those who tested our past app solutions.  We feel a native KLiK Events app is the best way to get everything to you easily on the go.


  • You said you want to see your favorites, in a fun drama free place! You pay to see an amazing show, and bringing it to you is all we want to do.  When artists are cutoff, shuffled, or suddenly cancelled and there is disorganization, nobody has a good time.  Cinco -2 will be a show you can enjoy!



Thank you for your feedback.  We actually do listen and care... and want you to have an amazing time.  That is what seperates the people at KLiK Events from the rest!

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