• BETTER VENUES!!! - While some tours are OK with having a show in a hotel conference room or a random basement, our tour is taking place at the BIGGEST and BEST venues in each city. We support our performers, and want you and them to have an amazing time. Hey.. you're coming for a SHOW not a board meeting right???

  • BIGGER BOYS!!! - A full YEAR OLDER than last year's tour! Ok that was a joke of course they are.. but they are also THE BOYS YOU WANT TO SEE!! Oh yes, we love to support NEW up and coming performers, and we do on our shows too... but you get to see the BOYS you know and love.. from YouNow, Twitter, Insta and in the road!

  • CHEAPER PRICES!!! - BOS 2016 is THE MOST AFFORDABLE big summer tour. Why pay Over $100 for a rushed meet n greet... and "crowd-free merch shopping." REALLY?!!! We have NO TICKETS over $100, and VIP tickets 20% LESS than most other major tours!! PLUS early bird tickets starting at $25! And oh, if you want "crowd-free merch shopping" we have that TOO.. for everyone.. no charge! You can buy merch from your favorite artist when you buy your ticket and pick it up at the show. No crowds, waiting or SELLOUTS. And as long as you aren't having a party where you're buying the merch it's crowd free too!!

  • DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME!!! - We are the BIGGEST tour this summer in over 30 MAJOR cities across the US! We literally start at the beginning of JULY and go right through the new school year! OK, we may miss a few towns like Boise, Minneapolis, and so many of those cities in Ohio that start with "C", but we are doing our best!

  • BETTER CREW is BETTER FOR YOU!!! - This year, we have a tour management crew of veterans! People that have been on the road with the biggest names in music. Why should you care?? Because it will make things go smoother and better for the show, you, and the performers! Drama free!!

  • IT'S ABOUT THE PERFORMERS FIRST!!! - With some tours, all they care about is themselves! SO SELFISH! They just want to make money. Ever noticed crazy merch prices at tours? That's because they have their greedy little fingers in there taking LARGE amounts of your money. HELLO... didn't you already buy a TICKET to support the tour??? At Boys Of Summer it is about the ARTIST and PERFORMERS! You'll find competitive priced merch. And we treat our performers better.. better accommodations... better on the road in every way possible. Don't believe US! Just ask THEM! We love them and take care of them... so they are HAPPY and take care of YOU!

  • YOU KNOW... YOU KNOW... - We let you KNOW what's going on. Through email, texts and our mobile app. Even voice calls if needed. When was the last time another tour contacted you after you bought your ticket? We want you to know what to do and where to go!!

  • FOR THE OLD SCHOOLERS, YOU CAN CALL US!!! - We have a PHONE with an actual person to speak with! And if our reps are busy, you'll get an actual call back!! We haven't worked out a way to text us YET but the guys are working on that... but calling 877-678-KLIK will get you to us! But honestly.. Email is always quicker!

  • WHO IS ON THE TOUR?? WHAT AM I GETTING? WHO AM I SEEING?? - There are all questions you'll NEVER ask. When you buy tickets you see the ACTUAL LINEUP of the boys coming to your city. No hunting around an app or website. It's VERY clear on both who is coming to what show! If we wanted to keep secrets from you, we wouldn't be very good friends would we!

We DON'T LIKE TO BRAG... But we look around at other tour choices and scratch our head! And then our head starts coming up with MORE WAYS to make our shows and tours BETTER for you and the PERFORMER.

So if you are going to see ONE SHOW this summer.. Make it the one where they BOYS ARE COMING BACK to see you! The BOYS OF SUMMER 2016!


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