PLATINUM LUNCHEON PRICING - Why it costs more - Answering your questions

We have received your messages on social media and email asking why the PLATINUM LUNCHEON PRICING cost more than the regular VIP tickets for Winter Lights 3. We wanted to let you know, and WHY we are having this special part of Winter Lights 3 this year for you.

If you were at a KLiK Event in the past, you received a survey asking WHAT YOU LIKE and DON'T LIKE about our events. We actually do look at EVERYTHING you say, and act on what we can to make each event better.

One thing that was asked for was a more PRIVATE INTIMATE setting with the artists and performers with LESS PEOPLE than a regular meet n greet.

This is why we set up the PLATINUM LUNCHEON which comes with a PRIVATE Meet N Greet before the luncheon, and a way you can get close with the performers... not for a few minutes but for an entire hour.

The Platinum Lunch is limited to under 50 fans, not several hundred, which means you will have plenty of time to see everyone in a PARTY LIKE ATMOSPHERE.

This is why we added the luncheon as something extra. Why is the price much more than VIP? For several reasons...

  • Artists are spending more time with you and are compensated to do so

  • The venue (Yost Theater) has to open earlier, which means more staff and payments to them

  • Lunch has to be made and served with staff for that

  • KLiK Staff has to arrive to take care of you

  • Posters have to be printed, and other items also contribute to the cost

The reason we are putting this post up is so you know that we do not just randomly charge you more money because we want to. We want our ticket prices to ALWAYS be fair and affordable. That is why you don't find VIP tickets over $100 like some events. We just need to cover costs.

We hope you will enjoy the Platinum Luncheon. We work hard for many weeks to make sure our events and your experience is top notch, and you have a great time. We have been doing events nationwide for 3 years now, and love to make people happy. Thank you so much for being a part!

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